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Hair Beauty from Ayurveda beauty culture & Rasayana Treatment

hair treatmentIt is important to have a strong and healthy hair for the beauty of any person despite male or female. There are a number of important facts disclosed in ancient secretes about beauty culture in Ayurveda, with regard to maintaining a strong and healthy hair.

One of the most important facts is to maintain the cleanliness of the hair. To maintain the cleanliness of hair we must wash our hair with clean water and then use a boiled herbal mixture or shampoo that is make using natural medicines and according to Ayurvedic standards.
The dust and toxic particles in our surrounding get entangled with hair. Washing the hair using only clean water is not sufficient. Hence it is essential to use a boiled herbal mixture that includes herbal cleaning particles that will not have an advance impact on the pH value of hair. However for those who find it inconvenient to make a boiled herbal mixture, they now can use an Ayurvedic shampoo that includes those herbs.

hair treatment oilFor example: there are various type of shampoos including Aloe vera, extract of Kohombaleaves& kaha mixture, boiled Venival geta mixture,..Etc. these products helps to save people’s time. After shampooing, the use of a suitable conditioner helps to protect the hair further.
A correct head message (by using stimulates of Nilla points) helps to provide a good blood circulation and also the medicine used in oils, will help to prevent from losing hair and stimulate hair growth.
• The use of oil should be prescribed by a Doctor. This is because the use of unsuitable oil will cause negative effects.
Despite the use of external applications, we should provide the necessary nutrition for hair maintenance by taking right foods and drugs (when necessary).
For example : milk products, Nelli, types of Bananas, Dates, Berries, Avocado(fresh fruits), velmi, Hathawariya, Rasakinda, Keekiridiya, fresh vegetables, green leaves that comprises of high portion of vitamins and minerals. As well as small fish are also very vital for the hair growth.
Control of stress is very important to prevent hair fall .that is why some time we use stress management treatment along with hair treatments.
fruits for hairThe frequent application of oils and hair packs by using suitable types oils and packs helps To prevent lots of hair diseases and also memory/mental and eye diseases . Further, this will improve the softness, strengthens, brightness, length, color and quantity of hair. According to the brightness of face too will be enhanced.
The hair fall due to various medical conditions, such as during chemo treatments for cancer patient can be treated to grow the hair again using Ayurvedic treatments. This is however not known by many people
Commonly used types of oils, Eg: Nirgundiyadii oil, neelyadi, Thipala oil, kumari oil,kunkumadi oil,Divyanganadii oil, Brungaraaja oil